Dear Rabbi
As we discussed over the phone:

We hereby inform you that we are soon going to start the first part of the course, studying the art of milah.

As we have discussed, the course will be delivered by those experienced in the field, and an expert mohel licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Contents will be as follows:

1. Medical Introduction: Systems of the Human Body (anatomy and physiology)
General knowledge on the proper function of the human body by its systems: fundamentals of genetics and cell system, integumentary system (skin), digestive system, circulatory system (blood), respiratory system, nervous system, and urinary system.

2. The Circumcision:
Milah – "grasping", the introduction of a shield (magen), its shape and measurement.
Priyah – tearing with the fingernail, and proper disclosure.
Metzitzah – the controversy regarding sucking throughout the years.
Dressings – its purpose and details (including hands on exercises).
Tzitzin – those that are inhibiting and those which are not, according to the poskim and in practice.
Instructions for the parents.
Examination of the baby after the circumcision.

3. Circulatory, Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems (CPR)
Circulation and function of the blood, systems of the arteries and veins, heart defects, blood clotting problems, neonatal jaundice, and difficulty breathing.

4. Anatomy (structure) and Physiology (function) of the Urinary System, the Kidneys and Tendons
The functions and the relationship between birth defects or system dysfunction and circumcision (wide hips, urinary retention, hypospadias).

5. Nervous System
How it works, birth defects and dealing with the pain of circumcision.

6. Digestive System
The function of the following organs: the stomach, colon, liver, spleen and pancreas (baby's nourishment).

7. Skin System
The function of the skin, its structure, the mechanisms activated when injured, its joining and healing, scarring in the skin, accelerating the healing of the milah.

8. Infections
The activity of bacteria and viruses in the human body, dealing with infections, immune system function, and how to avoid infection, God forbid in circumcision.

9. Preparations for the Brit
How examinations the newborn's health before the brit milah, preparations for the brit, the milah tools, bandages and materials
10. A Delayed Brit
The necessity of the mohel dealing with special situations of the infant's health, such as premature babies, babies who are unhealthy, birth defects, and the like.

11. Special Britot
Born half- circumcised, hypospadias, changes in the structure of the tendon, complications of the brit and its prevention, correction of the brit.

12. Dealing Properly with Different Communities
The mohel's behavior, various customs, appearance and speech, ceremony management and spiritual ceremony.

13. More
Supplementing unspecified various issues related to circumcision.

The courses will be accompanied by demonstrations of photographs, slides and more. In addition, abundant material will be distributed in writing, on various subjects. Students will gain practical hands-on experience.

(Please note: Course topics listed and their order may vary, depending on progress and demand).

For registration and inquiries please call: 050-4192-050

"World Institute for training of Mohalim "
For the thorough study, theoretical and practical, of the art of milah.