About the Rabbi

the Mohel who gives over the course:

Rabbi Yechezkel Kein is a mohel who is a veteran teacher and specializes in the field of milah, with over 20 years of experience.

The Rabbi was ordained with the special title of "expert mohel" by the Supervisory Committee of Mohalim of the Chief Rabbinate and the Ministry of Health of Israel, a title that is given only to a limited number of mohalim, from among the hundreds of mohalim who have been ordained by the Rabbinate and Ministry of Health in Israel.

Rabbi Yechezkel Kein was fortunate to train hundreds of students in Israel and abroad.

The reputation of those students who were trained by Rabbi Yechezkel Kein has gained great fame – without exaggeration – in many communities throughout the world as expert and nimble mohalim, thanks to the unique and practical training method developed by Rabbi Yechezkel Kein throughout the years.

Among the students can be found children and grandchildren of famous mohalim (names withheld), descendants of important rabbis and admorim, who were sent by their parents to study this holy profession specifically from Rabbi Kein. Among the students are also practicing mohalim, who come to specialize and upgrade their profession, using the unique method of learning of Rabbi Yechezkel Kein.

If you want to be a professional mohel of recognized stature, your place is with us. Only at the "World Institute for the Training of Mohalim" will you receive all the tools required for this high and holy purpose. We will give you the right balance of understanding, hashkafa and practice.