Private Lessons


Students who want to learn individually and privately, in a concentrated and accelerated fashion, will be able to do so in coordination with the Rabbi and on conditions to be agreed
with him in advance.

The format will be the same as that of students who come from abroad for a few weeks, at the end of which time the student returning abroad has already preformed a significant number of milot in practice and is ready to serve as a mohel in his community.

In this case, the student will receive a number of condensed and accelerated classes in private, by prior arrangement. In addition, he will practice under the personal guidance of the Rabbi until he is ready to perform the actual milah, after which he will join the Rabbi to britot, and with the Rabbi's accompaniment and supervision the student will be able to perform the milot in practice.

The whole process can take between a few weeks and two months, as agreed upon in advance with the student.

The course is designated as well for those who have already learned milah, or even performed a number of milot, and need a refresher or want to improve their performance ability in order to specialize and achieve a smooth and nimble brit with maximal confidence.

Recommendations are available from overseas students who have studied with the Rabbi in this format, as well as from mohalim who have used the services of the Rabbi to progress in the practical aspects of milah.